Sourcing & Commercial Execution

How do I secure the RIGHT Agreement with the RIGHT terms and conditions at the RIGHT price?

Securing the RIGHT Agreement

Securing an SAP Software agreement that reflects your current and future business objectives is no easy task.

This is demonstrated by the large number of SAP customers who are currently living with a complex set of SAP agreements that do not reflect nor support their current business needs. In fact, in many cases, the agreement is hampering the innovation and growth of their organisation.

Organisations will often secure contracts that reflect their product needs but little else.

What differentiates Libertas from our competitors is our ability to not only identify the optimum outcome for our customers, we will help you realise this benefit by negotiating hand in hand with you.  Our unique knowledge of SAP’s commercial drivers allows us to assist you in creating leverage to maximise your outcome.  Securing you the RIGHT Agreement with the RIGHT terms and conditions at the RIGHT price.

Our proven methodology

Demand Profiling

Commercial Plan

Contract Negotiation and Execution

Our services

Sourcing Strategy and Vendor Engagement

With over 30 years of SAP sales experience, Libertas are exceptionally skilled in guiding and supporting our clients through every step of a new deal or renegotiation.

We ensure we leverage our vast market experience to not only understand our clients’ specific needs but to ensure every negotiation locks in the best prices and features in the most efficient way.

Application Evaluation & Selection

We will assist you in making the right choice when selecting a new application for your business. Application Selection is one of the core capabilities required for effective Application Portfolio Management.

Business Case Development

As independent SAP advisors Libertas will assist you from initial idea validation right through to the construction of a robust business case. We have no vested interest in any one model or vendor and can focus on delivering the optimal structure for you; including licensing considerations, deployment options and hosting models.

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