SAP Licensing Optimisation

How can I gain control of my SAP commercial environment, today and into the future?

Freedom to innovate

The world is disruptive. You cannot operate without innovating, and you have to use that disruption to stay ahead of the game. Managing this innovation within the constraint of complex software agreements is challenging, with compliance concerns looming over any innovation. As a result, many companies do not have the commercial flexibility to enjoy the freedom to innovate as they would like. We work with our customers to ensure they have the necessary SAP software license commercial framework in place that aligns with their strategic objectives (technically, commercially and functionally) to provide them with the confidence to innovate with freedom.

Our proven methodology

Entitlement Consolidation

Baseline Usage Analysis

Commercial Plan

Our services

SAP Licensing Maturity Assessment

SAP has thousands of products, bundle options and frequently changing pricing metrics and terms & conditions that can make it very challenging to determine the right mix to support your specific needs.

We can work with you before approaching SAP to use this negotiating opportunity, whilst capitalising your current SAP assets to achieve the most competitive outcome that also meets your future business requirements.

SAP Licensing Optimisation Negotiation

Leveraging our extensive SAP selling experience and unique knowledge of SAP’s commercial drivers allows us to assist you in creating leverage to maximise your outcome. We will determine the right licensing combination for you to not only meet your business requirements of today, but also give you the Freedom to innovate into the future.

SAP Audit Simulation & Audit Support

To gain confidence in your current position, Libertas can perform various licensing assessments; ranging from a quick health check, through to a full audit simulation following the same processes as an actual SAP onsite audit.

This gives you a clear understanding of your SAP licensing position, enabling you to evaluate remediation options and proactively take control.

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